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So I have been super crazy busy and unfortunately have not posted much on the blog here.

But the website is going to be officially up and running very, very soon!!!

Stay tuned and visit

Still working on some edits, so if you swing by for a sneak peak, don’t judge.

You can browse around but it’s not all finalized yet.

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It has been a while since my last blog entry; and A LOT has happened since.

My solo exhibition, Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember), which is currently on a national tour is currently in Charlottetown PEI (until tomorrow May 3rd, 2015) at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery, then it will be packed up and shipped back to Halifax for a couple months (where we can hopefully add more pieces to the archive – fingers crossed that we have enough time) before it is shipped out again. This time to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland at the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery.

Soon we will have a website for Mi’kwite’tmn and we are working on the trilingual publication for the show! Will keep you all posted.

The bust portrait series, L’nuwelti’k (We Are Indian),  is still ongoing and has made some public appearances. This past fall 5 pieces along with a video documentation of an on-site performance was featured in ‘Memory Keepers’ curated by Dr. Carla Taunton and Erin Sutherland for Urban Shaman Art Gallery in Winnpeg, alongside works by Tanya Lukin-Linklater and Julie Nagam.

Then in November, a group exhibition coming out of Carleton University Art Gallery,  ‘Making Otherwise: Craft and Material Fluency in Contemporary Art’ curated by Heather Anderson was on show at the Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, where the last public performance for the series took place. Since then I have decided to create the next series of portraits in private residences (at the advice of previous portrait sitters) perhaps there will be other public performances in the future, but for the time being they will not be public.

Most recently ‘Making Otherwise’ has opened in Cambridge ON at Idea|Exchange (on through to June 27).

16 pieces from the ‘L’nuwelti’k’ series are also featured with ‘Fifth World’ curated by Wanda Nanibush for the 20th Anniversary of Tribe Inc. at the Mendel Art Gallery, which marks the last show to ever be hosted in the space. This show is on until June 7th.

I have also been recently listed as one of the Atlantic Region contenders for the Sobey Art Award, congrats to all my peers in the region Jordan Bennett, Eleanor King, Lisa Lipton and Zeke Moores. As well as the other awesome folks across the country!!

In June, I will be in Kamloops BC for group exhibition ‘Custom Made’ curated by Tania Willard. Will post more about this as the time gets closer.

I am currently finishing up a work for September that will make it’s premiere at the tenth Marion McCain Exhibition of Contemporary Atlantic Art at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredricton NB. More to come on this later.

I will try to post more info and images in the next couple of weeks. For now I hope that you will have time to click on some of the hyperlinks I included in this post which feature some articles/reviews and video about the works.

Thanks again for dropping by and stay tuned.




Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember) opens at KAGCAG



In the Rockies

So we’re in Lake Louise…today we continue onto Revelstoke Mountain then onwards to Kelowna tomorrow.
I haven’t posted much since the journey began. Actually I don’t think I have posted at all.
Trip is going well, some portraits for L’nuwelti’k have been made.
The opening at Urban Shaman went well.
And site visits are going great!
Next week I fly from Victoria BC to Saskatoon to install and open Mi’kwite’tmn at the Kenderdine Art Gallery. Then I perform for 4 days in Saskatoon as well as hoping to get some more portraits done while in Toontown!
So if anyone out there is Indigenous identifying and would care to sit for a portrait email me.
I will post pictures in the coming week from various shows and festivals as well as some tourist shots!
It has been an epic journey from Cape Breton Island to Halifax to PEI then westward through all the provinces.
So much to see, so much to think about and so much to talk about.
Haven’t found a reliable Wi-fi connection yet to get a decent post done with some images.
But will be in Vancouver soon and hoping to find a campground with good wi-fi.
Thanks for all your kind words and your support.
I would also like to thank the Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia and Canadian Heritage: Museums Assistance Program.

Sweetgrass from the Pictou Island Portages Project curated by Eryn Foster

Hot Looking at the Art In The Open Festival, Charlottetown PEI curated by Dr. Carla Taunton and Dr. Heather Igliorte


L’nuwelti’k in Toronto ON made possible with the support of Arts Nova Scotia Creation Grants

Busy Times in the Maritimes

So…Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember) install, opening and performances went great!
So many great conversations were had with visitors that came by during the performances!
There is only a few days left to check out the show (on until August 3rd)!
Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery will present Mi’kwite’tmn: Feast and Discussion on July 31st at 7:30pm Hosted by the Micmac Native Friendship Centre on 2158 Gottingen Street in Halifax.
The panel will feature myself, Dr. Carla Taunton Assistant Professor
Division of Art History and Critical Studies, Joleen Gordon Research Associate of the Nova Scotia Museum and Archives and President of the Nova Scotia Basketry Guild, Robin Metcalfe Curator of Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery.
With an opening by Mi’kmaw Artist Catherine Martin and musical performance by All Nations Drummers.
But right. now as I finish writing this post, I am settling in with a wonderful group of Artists from All across Canada for the 4th Edition if the New Canadian Pilgrimages curated by Eryn Foster, where will will be participating in a weeklong residency on Pictou Island in Nova Scotia.
So I will be off the grid until July 31st.
Hope to take some pictures to share later next week!
Then in mid August I embark on a 2.5 month tour across Canada!! More info to come in August!
Cheers 👍

Mi’kwite’tmn at SMU Art Gallery

Photo by: Chris Smith

Schedule of Performance Times

June 11th, Wednesday
11am to 4pm

June 12th, Thursday
11am to 4pm

June 13th, Friday
11am to 4pm

June 14th, Saturday
Noon to 5pm

June 15th, Sunday
Noon to 5pm (final day of performance)

Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember) Opens tomorrow!!

After 4 years of development and endless hours and soo much support from some really amazing people, the show finally opens tomorrow at 8pm in Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery!!!

Here are a couple of really nice articles about the show..

Weaving Mi’kmaq History

Q+A: Of Craft and Cultural Survival

Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember) opens June 6th at 8pm

Prototype Vitrine 2010 uajohnson

Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember) curated by Robin Metcalfe from Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery has begun it’s install and is set to open on June 6th at 8pm. With a live durational performance on site.

Early this winter I had a conversation with ME Luka about my practice for an article she prepared for No More Potlucks the interview is for an online publication and includes video links and images of previous works, all the while engaging in a open conversation about art, culture, life, etc. We spoke at length about some of the many layers in the exhibition of Mi’kwite’tmn.

Also for more info on my ideas on the evolution of the Mi’kmaw basket and it’s role and function in today’s society check out my TedX talk where I speak about how the form has changed within that museological context that is address in the show.

Below are a couple images from various stages in the making if one of the vitrines.



Just an update

It’s been a busy spring so far and summer and fall are going to be super busy.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit on a panel titled Curating Aboriginal Art Today at Saint Mary’s University as a part of the Beat Nation programming. Had some awesome conversations about responsibility vs. protocol, authentic/traditional vs. customary with some pretty swell folks (Tania Williard co-curator of Beat Nation, Greg Hill Audain Curator of Indigneous Art from the National Gallery and Dr.Carla Taunton Associate Professor NSCAD University moderated by SMU Director/Curator Robin Metcalfe).

This week I am in Cape Breton and about to enter into a Studio Lockdown to finish up a few projects for my upcoming Solo Exhibition Mi’kwite’tmn at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery in Halifax.
I am soo excited!! This will be my first major solo exhibition that will be touring across Canada for the next couple years! I would like to thank everyone for their support in helping me to make this happen (I will be posting a formal list of supporters soon). This exhibition at SMUAG will open on June 6th at 8pm and I will be performing in a durational performance LIVE at the opening and then for 10 consecutive days afterwards.

Also if your in Ottawa ON next week go to Carleton University Art Gallery where I will have pieces from the L’nuwelti’k Bust Portrait Series as a part of Making Otherwise curated by Heather Anderson. Making Otherwise opens on May 12th and will make its way to Halifax NS in the Fall and a couple more stops around Canada as well.
There will be a performance date announced in the Summer. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Carleton Opening due to the need to finish up things for the solo at SMUAG.

Then in July I will be in NS for the Pictou Island Portages Project curated by Eryn Foster.
August holds a variety of events from a traditional basketry workshop at the Tatamagouche Centre (I believe spaces are still available for sign up).

In mid August is the Petapan:First Light Symposium hosted by the four Atlantic Public Art Funders and will be taking place in Millbrook NS (some spaces still available) and towards the end of August is Art In The Open 2014 in Charlottetown PEI.

And after that I will be beginning my national site visit tour. Where I will visit the galleries that will host Mi’kwite’tmn and the neighbouring Aboriginal communities from NFLD to BC. I will be requesting permission from tribal groups to enter into their territories as a stranger and to inquire about proper protocols to come to the community and to encourage participation in the development of the educational programming and performance and workshop series that will accompany Mi’kwite’tmn .

In September, Urban Shaman in Winnipeg MB will be hosting Memory Keepers curated by Dr.Carla Taunton and Erin Sutherland various pieces from the L’nuwelti’k Bust Portrait Series will be in this exhibition.