Just an update

It’s been a busy spring so far and summer and fall are going to be super busy.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit on a panel titled Curating Aboriginal Art Today at Saint Mary’s University as a part of the Beat Nation programming. Had some awesome conversations about responsibility vs. protocol, authentic/traditional vs. customary with some pretty swell folks (Tania Williard co-curator of Beat Nation, Greg Hill Audain Curator of Indigneous Art from the National Gallery and Dr.Carla Taunton Associate Professor NSCAD University moderated by SMU Director/Curator Robin Metcalfe).

This week I am in Cape Breton and about to enter into a Studio Lockdown to finish up a few projects for my upcoming Solo Exhibition Mi’kwite’tmn at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery in Halifax.
I am soo excited!! This will be my first major solo exhibition that will be touring across Canada for the next couple years! I would like to thank everyone for their support in helping me to make this happen (I will be posting a formal list of supporters soon). This exhibition at SMUAG will open on June 6th at 8pm and I will be performing in a durational performance LIVE at the opening and then for 10 consecutive days afterwards.

Also if your in Ottawa ON next week go to Carleton University Art Gallery where I will have pieces from the L’nuwelti’k Bust Portrait Series as a part of Making Otherwise curated by Heather Anderson. Making Otherwise opens on May 12th and will make its way to Halifax NS in the Fall and a couple more stops around Canada as well.
There will be a performance date announced in the Summer. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Carleton Opening due to the need to finish up things for the solo at SMUAG.

Then in July I will be in NS for the Pictou Island Portages Project curated by Eryn Foster.
August holds a variety of events from a traditional basketry workshop at the Tatamagouche Centre (I believe spaces are still available for sign up).

In mid August is the Petapan:First Light Symposium hosted by the four Atlantic Public Art Funders and will be taking place in Millbrook NS (some spaces still available) and towards the end of August is Art In The Open 2014 in Charlottetown PEI.

And after that I will be beginning my national site visit tour. Where I will visit the galleries that will host Mi’kwite’tmn and the neighbouring Aboriginal communities from NFLD to BC. I will be requesting permission from tribal groups to enter into their territories as a stranger and to inquire about proper protocols to come to the community and to encourage participation in the development of the educational programming and performance and workshop series that will accompany Mi’kwite’tmn .

In September, Urban Shaman in Winnipeg MB will be hosting Memory Keepers curated by Dr.Carla Taunton and Erin Sutherland various pieces from the L’nuwelti’k Bust Portrait Series will be in this exhibition.


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