Good Morning Edinburgh

So waking up at 7am (3am Nova Scotia time) Edinburgh time proved to be a bit challenging today.
I managed to climb out of my ever so comfy bed at 7:30 and hopped into some clothes to venture out to find the small coffee shop I scouted out last night on one of the many crowded streets behind my hotel, which is downtown conveniently beside the Edinburgh College of Art, where I am meeting the other group of artists who are a part of the residency.
Walking down the hill on brick Kate’s sidewalk listening to Dead Can Dance on my headphones to block out morning rush traffic sounds, and I peer over my shoulder to observe a magnificent castle that I spied last night as well.
This castle holds such a presence in the heart of Edinburgh.
I do not know the history of this castle, but will find out soon.
Now it’s time for a gluten free veggie breakfast! Fried of course 😉



One response

  1. susan

    Now I am sure that you are all settled in. Glad I found you here. Great read. Lots of info. Love it all. Yum!!!!

    October 5, 2013 at 9:05 pm

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