Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember) opens June 6th at 8pm

Prototype Vitrine 2010 uajohnson

Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember) curated by Robin Metcalfe from Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery has begun it’s install and is set to open on June 6th at 8pm. With a live durational performance on site.

Early this winter I had a conversation with ME Luka about my practice for an article she prepared for No More Potlucks the interview is for an online publication and includes video links and images of previous works, all the while engaging in a open conversation about art, culture, life, etc. We spoke at length about some of the many layers in the exhibition of Mi’kwite’tmn.

Also for more info on my ideas on the evolution of the Mi’kmaw basket and it’s role and function in today’s society check out my TedX talk where I speak about how the form has changed within that museological context that is address in the show.

Below are a couple images from various stages in the making if one of the vitrines.




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