The Original Candy Basket On Steroids


This past weekend was a great time at the Micmac Child Development Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I hosted a 2 day traditional Mi’kmaq Basketry Workshop.
The image pictured above, is what I made in the class. But the image below is what some of the students made.
There was a total of 10 participants, and we had a great time! All the students did extremely well for having never made baskets before.
I was a very proud instructor when I saw their finished products!
I was very hard on them, in the past I have been very gentle with people and allowed them to live with their mistakes. But this group of people (perhaps because I knew most of them on a personal level as former colleagues and friends for several years) I felt I could be a bit harsh on them and expect nothing but the best.
And they delivered!
Thank you to all of you!
Now I am on route to Moncton, New Brunswick for a group exhibition that I will be performing at, and then performing at jést a performance and intervention festival in Moncton.
Before returning to Nova Scotia to take part in AntiGONIGHT, then off to Scotland!
I will post some pics of performances in the coming weeks.
For now, this form in the image above has be ordained, as “Candy Basket On Steroids” by a dear friend in Truro (while stopping in for a quick visit and showing him the newest form), thanks Dale.
I may send this form to Urban Shaman for the upcoming show and sale. Still undecided.


Aboriginal Voice: Four Artists from Atlantic Canada

Open on September 25th, 2013!

Check it out!


Call for Volunteers in the Moncton, NB area!

L’nuwelti’k (We Are Indian) is an interactive durational intervention that will depend upon volunteers who identify as Aboriginal, as defined in the Indian Act of Canada.

Johnson will memorialize various Indian Registration and Membership Codes with participation from these select volunteers.

Please do not hesitate to contact to volunteer if you identify in any of these following categories (on or off-reserve).
-Male or Female Status 1a or 1b
-Male or Female Non-Status
-Male or Female Enfranchised
-Male or Female recently acquired status

Email me:

Looking forward to working with you!

Check out the previous visitation of this performance in the menu bar 🙂

Studio Stint

I will be locking myself into the studio for the next 4 days to get through a massive list of tasks before hitting the road.

I do not yet have any type of telecommunicaiton set up in my office space, so time to time I checking my emails and socia media outlets on my handheld device.

On September 20th I depart from Cape Breton Island for Halifax, NS (to pick up 4 pieces that I must then ship to Moncton, NB.

But first I will be doing some outreach (as a part of my residency at Unama’ki College) and research on the anitpcipated future of Mi’kmaw Basket. Then teaching a 2 day intensive course where each pre-selected participant will make a form.

Then continuing on to Moncton to Galerie D’Art – Louise et Reuben Cohen for a group exhibition which opens on September 25th.

I will be performing live at the Opening and then again the next day, for an intervention at the University Law School Library. (Stay tuned).

Then after the show in Moncton, I will be traveling to Halifax and then onwards to the lovely town of Antigonish, NS, where I have been invited to participate at the Annual AntiGONIGHT Festival. There I will be collaborating with some local indigenous performers to create a durational site specific performance based audio piece.

Then back to Halifax to rest for a night, before catching a flight leaving Canada and to the UK. Where I will reside at the Scottish Sculpture Workshops for a 10 day Make/WorkShop Residency, through the University of Edinburgh School of Arts

and the Scottish Sculpture Workshops in Lumsden.

For now I will leave you with this quote I found online to motivate me to work in the studio for the next 4 days.


“Art is spirituality in drag.”  ~Jennifer Yane


Boxes within boxes

The past few weeks have been very busy and the fall will just get even more so.
At the Charlottetown PEI – Art In The Open Festival my wife (Angella Parsons) collaborated for the first time on a piece of art. Normally, we work together by supporting one another with our own individual art practices and provide critical feedback in progression, but never before have we produced an art piece together from beginning to end and have played such an integral role equally and both be activators in the performance.
In the development of El-noo-wee-sim-k=L’nuwisimk we were interested in exploring the personal and interpersonal relations within the mechanics of language, but also appreciating the intimacy of our actions as life partners, understanding the references of historical power duos in performance art such as Abramović and Ulay as well as Fusco and Gomez-Pena who have at various times in their careers collaborated on works of art that challenge the public vs. private space as well as investigating the “otherness” of one or both of the performers background or language.
We both quite enjoyed workings with one another and I suspect there may be more collaborations coming in the future.
In other news, this spring I have been officially appointed to the Arts Nova Scotia Board of Directors. This is truly an honour to have an opportunity to engage in dialogue about the current circumstances of the Province’s involvement of the arts in our communities and to have the opportunity to advocate for my fellow artists is something I take very seriously.
Also as you can see from my past posting, I was the artist in residence at Unama’ki College at CBU.
Now I can officially announce that I have been named the Indigenous Artist In Residence at Unama’ki College in Cape Breton until July 2014. My job there will be to maintain a studio practice and to open my studio regularly to the university community and the general public, so they can view what a professional artists studio looks like and to witness the progress of production for exhibitions, presentations and community workshops. I will also develop and teach 6 credits in the form of various intensive seminars that are related directly to my own practice.
This October I will be attending a 10 day Make/Work Shop at the Scottish Sculpture Workshops in Lumsden, Scotland.
This workshop will feature 5 Canadian Artists and 5 Scottish Artists who have been brought together by the University of Edinburgh’s, School of Arts and the Naked Craft Network. I am very much looking forward to the workshop and will be looking to integrate this program into my residency at CBU.
In regards to exhibitions I have a couple of festival and group show time slots coming up.
I will post those later this weekend.
For now, busy prepping for our Studio Open house today at 455 Prince Street in Sydney, NS from 2pm to 8pm.
Come on by and drop in to check stuff out and have some refreshments!

Settling Into the Studio

Finally beginning to settle into the studio!
Have also confirmed participation for Nocturne Art at Night Festival in Halifax, along with Art In The Open in Charlottetown, AntigoNIGHT in Antigonish and have signed my contracts for two super duper awesome residencies!
But I will make a formal announcement of those soon! Please come back for more updates!


New Studio!!!

Finally finished painting (well almost finished-but enough to start moving stuff in) the new studio!
It has been way too many months of not having an adequate work space to begin new sculptures.
It has been a great fall and winter, full of teaching, festivals and lots of research and prep work for new bodies of work.
But now is the time to begin material production and haul ash!
We literally just hauled boxes of ash to the second floor of the commercial space in Sydney, CB which will house my new office, production space and even have a little area complete with kitchenette to host some studio visits complete with tea and snacks.
Waiting to her on confirmation for a couple of other festivals, workshops and residencies!
Will keep you all posted! I will be posting some pics of the new batcave once I have unpacked everything!