The Original Candy Basket On Steroids


This past weekend was a great time at the Micmac Child Development Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I hosted a 2 day traditional Mi’kmaq Basketry Workshop.
The image pictured above, is what I made in the class. But the image below is what some of the students made.
There was a total of 10 participants, and we had a great time! All the students did extremely well for having never made baskets before.
I was a very proud instructor when I saw their finished products!
I was very hard on them, in the past I have been very gentle with people and allowed them to live with their mistakes. But this group of people (perhaps because I knew most of them on a personal level as former colleagues and friends for several years) I felt I could be a bit harsh on them and expect nothing but the best.
And they delivered!
Thank you to all of you!
Now I am on route to Moncton, New Brunswick for a group exhibition that I will be performing at, and then performing at jést a performance and intervention festival in Moncton.
Before returning to Nova Scotia to take part in AntiGONIGHT, then off to Scotland!
I will post some pics of performances in the coming weeks.
For now, this form in the image above has be ordained, as “Candy Basket On Steroids” by a dear friend in Truro (while stopping in for a quick visit and showing him the newest form), thanks Dale.
I may send this form to Urban Shaman for the upcoming show and sale. Still undecided.


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