So…I realize that is has been too long since my last blog post.

I need to get better at updating, which I am hoping to get into the practice of doing so this summer.

The winter was terrific in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia! I had the wonderful opportunity to work as Artist in Residence at Unama’ki College in conjunction with Cape Breton University Art Gallery.

At the university I hosted a special topics course called ‘The Role of the Mi’kmaw Basket in Contemporary Fine Craft’, the turnout was great with a class size of 17 students, who explored the evolution of Mi’kmaw basketry and its relations to trade and commerce, from point of contact to present day.
The students really enjoyed the class. I dare to say that they enjoyed the class as much as I did!

Then Snapshot (curated by Alan Syliboy) toured to Annapolis Valley, after coming from Wagmatcook Cultural Centre and the Khyber Centre for the Arts before that.

Since the residency finished up in the spring, I have begun preparations on a few new bodies of work, while booking exhibitions and performances for the summer and the fall.

Just this past week I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to Ottawa for Rebecca Belmore’s retrospective ‘What is Said and What is Done’ at the Carleton University Art Gallery. Had the opportunity to meet Rebecca for the first time and then the following night, the CUAG hosted a panel discussion lead by curator, Heather Anderson, featuring Rebecca Belmore, Melody McIver and myself.

The panel was very well attended with over 75 participants! We spoke about Language, History and how these two themes (among others) wove a common thread in all of our practices.

I am in Toronto right now, planning to attend the opening of ‘Invisibility: Indigenous in the City’ at the John B. Aird Gallery, featuring artists Jeff Thomas, Walter Scott, Vanessa Dion Fletcher and more!

So far festival bookings for myself this summer are Art In The Open by the Confederation Centre in PEI, along with a presentation a couple nights before the festival kicks off! AntigoNIGHT in NS, and a group exhibition at Moncton University.

I will post links and updates later to the events.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far!



One response

  1. Carla Dodson

    Greetings Ms.Johnson keep me updated.Eye also have a collection of over 100 baskets u should take a look at.

    June 29, 2013 at 3:39 pm

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