CBU Lecture Series Final Talk

Today is the last of the lecture series.
We started with an Artist Talk where I presented my works and methodologies on March 13th. For that event was had a wide variety of standard gallery fare, cheese and crackers, some sweets, veggies and fruit trays, etc. The attendance was rather fair and folks seemed genuinely interested in the various topics I create dialogue about in my practice.
Then on March 27, we hosted Part 1 of 2, where I spoke about my theory on the transgression on the Mi’kmaw basket from: functional object, to Indian craft, to art, to artifact and them into archive.
Again we had a pretty great turnout, the night before I prepared a pot of traditional moose meat with a contemporary twist! Introducing the slow food factor and some home made marinade BBQ sauce, which was served along side 4 cents cake and tea and coffee. This I referred to as the pre-colonial talk.
Today is the post-colonial talk, where we will discuss the emergence of the contemporary indigenous art movement and social circumstances that inspired the creation of several masterpieces across North America. And we will also be having a post-colonial lunch, of which I will post images on twitter and then in here later.
Next week will be a re-visitation of a performance from 2003, titled ‘Ke Pi’temn’.
All events are made possible by the Cape Breton University Art Gallery and Unama’ki College.
All events are hosted in the foyer of the CBU Art Gallery at 1pm.



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