Trying to figure out how to be a blogger…

According to eHOW, becoming a professional blogger takes a bit of practice. Obviously the practice of blogging is not something that is my forte. However, I will once again attempt to be a “blogger”. I have also recently joined another social media format of Twitter. With these two new accounts to keep on top of, along with my standard email and the good ole trusty telephone, I think i have my hands full. So I may withdraw from Facebook, for I do not see how I can possibly keep track of all of this technological information of which has been set up to encourage me to share my point of view, along with some information that I am interested in.

By the end of the winter, I may just wish to leave it all (mostly due to the upkeep) and just focus on constructing forms and new pieces for future exhibitions and performances. For this is what I am fortunate enough to do anyways. We’ll see how this new technological adventure works out.

I guess the main point of all of this is to interact and attract visitors. So let’s see how working as my own technological agent works.

I suppose I will come up with some sort of pen name for my “agent” advertising blogging self. Any suggestions.

signing off,



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